Having manufactured surgical instrument boxes for over 5 years,it's clear that we know instruments and its container design.Since founded in 2011,KingJ Medical has been providing many customized products and services for medical facilities throughout the world.We mainly specialize in medical screw box,medical instrument box,DHS box and many other boxes and cases for surgical instruments,medical screws and orthopedic box,our business mode is versatile and flexible.


As an OEM,we know what makes a properly functioning instrument box that can best fit your needs and we repair back to that instrument's original form,fit and function.KingJ Medical can also be your good partner and consultant in terms of innovating and designing the surgical instruments and sterilization containers for you,just one simple idea,and then it becomes an amazing product in your hand,including instrument and device boxes produced by other manufacturers.

It's simple and convenient,you just type your information and product requirements in the message board,send your prodcut drawing and description by email,we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your inquiry,and discuss the details,then we will do the rest of all things,thanks.